Happy 71st Birthday, Catherine Fabienne Dorléac aka Catherine Deneuve!

(October 22, 1943)

Contrary to what many people think, I have a less conventional life than it seems. Everyone says I look bourgeoise, but apart from my hair and the way I dress, no one can prove that I live a bourgeois life. People know little about me…
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Happy Birthday, Catherine Deneuve!
(October 22, 1943)

"Catherine Deneuve is French cinema. They are inseparable, and one and the same."

- Martin Scorsese

Ginger Rogers in Stage Door, 1937.
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Lucille Ball in Technicolor,1946

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Deborah Kerr aged sixteen, photographed by R.W. Brown

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William Powell and Carole Lombard.

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Jessica Lange for Marc Jacobs Beauty
Photos by David Sims.